Many Christians scorn the study of Bible prophecy. In other words, they do not appreciate or value the study of Bible prophecy and consider it a complete waste of time. How sad that so many people maintain a wrong attiyude about this subject and regard Bible prophecy as though it were an unnecessary element included in the Bible.

Through the years, many people have said to me: understanding Bible prophecy is not essential to my salvation". This is a partially true statement, however, this perspective can cause a person to be unaware of the present movements of God among His people as well as in the world. We are called to "know the times and seasons" in which we live, and to be prepared for God's visitations.

Understand that prophecy uniquely reveals the plans, purposes and ways of God. Our relationship with Jesus can lack a meaningful perspective if we do not understand His corporate plans, His role as man's High Priest, His dramatic end-time rescue, and how He plans to extend the good news of salvation to every person on Earth.

Since prophecy flows through centuries of time, it elevates human thought to a unique and higher perspective, showing God's constant and intimate interest for His children. Prophecy reveals how God deals with corporate entities (nations, empires, the devil and his legions, etc.).

This understanding gives us the larger picture of God's corporate policies and makes God's actions on a personal level easier to understand and appreciate. I believe that confusion is the underlying reason why so many Christians view prophecy with such disinterest. It takes discipline to understand prophecy.

Bible students who seek to understand prophecy study the deep things of God and this mandates more commitment than five or ten minutes of Bible reading. It is one thing to read the Bible and quite another to dig deep within its pages searching for truth. Additinally, an important prerequisite for understanding prophecy is the proper use of additional reading materials, inclusing a basic understanding of church history.

It is not wise to understand Bible prophecy simply by reading books, especially those that tend to highlight the "sensationalism". Sit down with your Bible and study the prophecies verse by verse and do not quit until you understand the content for yourself. Certainly, you should read what others have to say about any given verse, but consider their views as they should be, opinions.

Evaluate the prophetic story and come to your own conclusions.

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