I am not one known to attempt to explain world events to biblical prophecy, especially in attempting to establish scriptures dealing with end time prophecy. However, unique events require renewed attention. So here we go.

The recent election of Donald J. Trump seems to be the reality show of the century. The crucial thing to realize is that it is not a reality show at all. Many are asking how does a man, with no previous experience, numerous failed businesses, blatant disregard for every minority group in the world, and a compulsion for the highest levels of personal secrecy and no accountability, be elected in 2016,

Let me be quick to say that I am not suggesting that President-elect Trump is the anti-christ. No, I would not be so presumptuous. I fact, the focus of this article isn’t so Donald Trump as it is the underlying rebellion/sin in the hearts of humanity. It simply took Trump’s emergence to uncover it.

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One Response to A tale of two cities or Sign of the times ?

  1. Joanne Dodge

    It seems more that Trump is a catalyst.  The hatred and bigotry was alreadythere simmering.  It is like when water is super heated. The temperature is higher than the boiling point but it doesn't boil.  It takes someone to stir it or to drop something in it and it will instantly start to boil instantly.  

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