I recently read the preface of the upcoming book “We must speak” by Rev. Larry Hollon in which he makes the case that the church must re-engage the media with message of the Gospel. The word “Gospel” means, by definition “good news”, and in our media saturated culture dominated by bad news, the church has the tremendous opportunity to offer a different frame of reference.

The more of the preface I read the more I became convinced that the point he was making was more than one man’s opinion but an urgent plea from Spirit of God to body of Christ. According to Hollon

” religious voices must re-engage the conversation (media) that are available to them. They must offer an invitation to those seeking greater spiritual understanding, offer inclusive community to those seeking connection and affirm to the whole society an image of a God of grace and redemption who seeks the good for all of creation and humanity” (Hollon, p.11).

This is a far different media presence of ministry than we have witnessed in the past years. The church so often is a footnote of scandal, tragedy, and ethical failures instead of a voice of reason, peace, and redemption. We have witnessed the power of social media to turn back injustice and tyranny, rally people across the nation to speak out againts economic inequality and most recently racially motivated crimes.

I urge you to read the full posted excerpts of the book and do your part to re-engage the media in your own way for the kingdom of God.


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