STREAMING music services like online radio are gaining fast among US listeners under age 35.

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"Driven by mobility and connectivity, music-streaming is rapidly growing their share of the music listening experience for teens and young adults, at the expense of traditional music listening methods".

iMergent Radio is your online-mobile source for gospel/inspirational music and teaching. From traditional to gospel hip-hop, there is something for everyone looking for an alternative to the top 20 radio stations presented over traditional radio.

One unique aspect of iMergent Radio is it's commitment to independently produced music from hundreds of gospel artist who do not have the opportunity to have to have their music music added to Fm?AM radio stations.

You can also hear teaching/preaching programs from ministries across the nation, many who have a fresh Word from God but again, are not recognized on a national level. iMergent Radio is a platform for spirit-led and inspired music and ministry.

You can listen to iMergent Radio on your smartphone by downloading the app from your phones app store.






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