D.A. Williams - 25/05/2014

Hebrews 12:15

Just like a map is not actually the territory it represents, the words we use are not the event or the item they represent. What is going on inside your head concerning an event is not the event but your perception of that event. When we experience an external event, we try to make sense of it. In our attempt to make sense of the external event, we make an internal representation in our minds of this event. This internal representation will include information received through our five senses.

resurrectionlightIn the creation man was perfect without sin. At creation, man was Pure Potentiality. Do you not believe that prior to sin, man had absolutely no limitations. He had no limiting decisions to deal with. He had no bitter roots or strongholds to deal with. In other words, in the beginning with God, man was absolutely totally free of any limiting neurological filters that would screw up his “map” or internal representations. In the beginning, man was Pure Potentiality.

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