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Last Modified: 27 Mar 2013 7:30

By Darryl Arnez, Staff Writer, Imergent News



National religious leader desecrates church days before High Holy Day…

After a joyous welcome by spiritual followers into the city, a prominent religious leader entered into a local church and began overturning objects of religious devotion while worshippers and other religious leaders fled out of the church.

sanctuary 2


One witness on the scene stated exemplified by “I am shocked at the blatant disregard this act of disdain for our sacred space”.



Another witness remarked “in all my years of attending this church, I have never witnessed anything like this”.

The spiritual leaders, who were present, were in in preparation for one of the most observed holy days of the faith. Gathered during the disturbance were celebrants from all over the state. No one is quite sure why the leader took the actions he did or where he and his entourage are staying.

Local authorities are investigating the issue and will provide updates as they become available.

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