too-many-choices (1)Kingdom greetings,

We have seen an abundance of grace over the past few months. We have found ourselves on a new leg of the journey, following the call of God. One of the most interesting aspects of this phase of the journey is, there is no road map. Not that it is a bad thing, don’t get me wrong. We are experiencing something new and are challenged to walk it out..

We often hear within Christian circles that “God is doing a new thing” or “there is a paradigm shift” or “God is pouring out new wine”.  I have proclaimed these statements and still do. The difference however, is that experiencing the reality of those statements is challenging and if I may add, somewhat un-settling. Imagine that. God is doing something and there are no books, workshops or manuals to refer to. Imagine that.

You see, we are in a time when systems are being pre-packaged and marketed through seminars and worships at an alarming rate. I am learning however, when it comes to the work of God, there is no one size fits all. We cannot necessarily duplicate what has worked in one context and get the same results in another. This may be yet another “paradigm shift” we’ll realize in the coming days.

Thanks for listening.


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