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                              Welcome to the Prayer Room

We ask that you be mindful that this is a gathering place for prayer, praise and support. If you have prayer of a personal nature that you do not want to appear in the room, please reach out to one of the prayer leaders through a private chat window.

            Currently, the chatroom is only available during during specified times.


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  1. Seth

    Please pray for clear direction in college. I’m currently going to Multnomah University in Portland, OR, studying business and Bible for my undergrad, just 1 year into the program. Throughout this year I’ve felt like I’ve made a poor choice, because the program is brand new, and it seems like what I’m learning in business is not at a college level. The university is good in many ways, with a high-quality Bible program. Please pray for clear direction, because I want to get the most out of my GI bill and education. I could transfer to PSU, with an excellent business program, but I would miss out on Bible, I could change majors, or I could stick with it. Please pray for wisdom and clear direction, because I need to make a major decision soon. Thanks.

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