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As this year comes to a close, I must confess that I am happy to have made it through. It has been a year of transition for sure. Having worshipped in three different locations this past year, it is good to have arrived at a “Rehoboth.” For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the story, let me bring you up to speed.

In Genesis 26, Abraham’s son Isaac, finds himself on a journey to find that place where God will make him fruitful. According to the story, he came to the Valley of Gerar and dwelt there. Because the wells had been stopped up, his servants dug a well and named it Esek”, which means strife, because that is what they encountered from the people of the land. The story continues by telling us that they dug another well and encountered opposition. This well they named Sitnah” which means contention.

Isaac again packed up camp and began to journey once again. They came into a new land and dug another well. This time there was no strife and no contention. This well he named “Rehoboth” because he understood that “the Lord had made room for them and there, they would flourish and become fruitful. What a journey Isaac and the people experienced. What energy they expended to experience fruitfulness.

The journey for Residence Park UMC in 2014 has so many similarity to that story as we’ve sought God’s place of fruitfulness.  We seek to become a people of renewal, unstopping the wells of the Spirit, and ministering the broken people in our world. Yes we’ve encountered strife and contention from those who did not understand, but stayed committed to the journey and God’s vision for the world. The result, we’ve arrived at a “Rehoboth.”

You too may have experienced a similar journey in 2014, and if so, I want to encourage you to stay faithful to the call of God in the face of strife and contention. Stay committed to be a person or local church seeking renewal and restoration. Stay committed to you hunger and thirst for righteousness because your “Rehoboth” is just one well away.

In the Master’s service,


Pastor Darryl

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  1. catherine morris

    Amen. The journey has opened my eyes and heart. God has a purpose for everything.

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