images of renewalRecently, it has come to our attention that many people are confused both about the existence of what is commonly called the subconscious1 and its role. Many Christians, driven by their concern about the preoccupation of psychologists with the subconscious, mistakenly ignore its Biblical basis.

Because the writings of Sigmund Freud have had much influence on our daily vocabulary and familiar idioms, many erroneously assume that the subconscious itself is a Freudian concept.

While I in no way validate Freud’s peculiar views and obsessions with the subconscious, I do believe that many Christians, in their zeal to distance themselves from the deceptions of Freudianism, assume that the concept of the “subconscious,” or “unconscious,” is also fallacious.

Thus, they have thrown “the baby out with the bathwater.” The insight that our there is a deeper level of consciousness pre-dates Freud by over 1500 years!

Listen in.

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